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Impressed with my old (pre problems) Kimber compact, my wife brought home an Ultra Raptor II CS. Kimber, however, decided that that quality just wasn’t good enough for a gun being used in combat. It has eaten many types of ammo and accuracy is great. 11. com/youtube?q=kimber+problems&v=Qm7NdLNlRa0 Oct 10, 2010 Out in the desert troubleshooting OfficerJared's problematic Kimber TLE RL 1911. ? I posted this last year to a similar question I think but its still up on their site. They switched to MIM and those guns are having huge problems with the extractors. My daughter recently got a Kimber Pro Carry II in 45 ACP. How and why Kimber would ship a gun in the condition I bought it in, indicates to me they have quality problems and prefer to ship product regardless of quality. I had one student who was shooting a traditional double action (with decocker) H&K USP Compact. The first is that he didn’t truly understand the operating system of his pistol. 06. Same for the aluminum ones. 2013 · Here is an update on my problem with my extended magazines. If that doesn’t work, there are generally a couple of user-serviceable fixes. 02. 00 a box Nov 13, 2013 Springfield TRP's are great guns for the upper level Kimber stuff. 07. 05. This is a discussion on Kimber micro carry 380. 16. 2009 · Heard that Kimbers have or have had some feeding issues with their rifles. I have tried 20 different magazines that all function flawlessly in all of my other 1911s. 2016 · "All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. My EDC is a Kimber Super Carry Pro and I love it. The Kimber Micro pistols solve these problems. Inside is a zippered pouch bearing the Kimber name with the K6S nestled inside. I bought this weapon for home defense. I swore up and down that she had wasted her money. He had two problems. I’ve seen more problems with Kimbers than all other 1911s combined. Most Kimber pistols flash a list of standard features that would normally only be found on expensive custom guns. 2018 · Welcome to the Kimber Forum. 2011 · If you intend to buy something from Brownells, Cabela's, TandemKros or Tekmat, please use their banners in our sites. . Kimber has a reputation for problems. Kimber K6S within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; As I mentioned in my previous posts, I bought a brand new SP101 that had to go back to the factory twice with problems. I had frequent lockbacks in the middle of loaded mags, as well a bizzarre failure to feed where the bullet end of the top cartridge would stay down in the magazine while the rear would rise properly and the slide would come Hello Everyone, I am wondering how is Kimber's quality TODAY (2016)? Little search on Kimber, brand bash, quality issues, video review complains, even with trust Hickok45's youtube channel, which I have followed a lot 2 Kimbers had a hiccup on screen and that is rare. Clint Eastwood has had numerous casual and long-term relationships of varying length and intensity since he was 14 years old. The problem is at least 1 round in a mag will fail to feed, and the slide stays all the way back like I just empty the gun. 00 : Kimber Micro 9 Stainless DN 3300193 $699. 380 pistols, reliability, noise, recoil, weak round and can hit the broad side of a barn when your standing in it. The problem with Kimber MIM is that they use shitty techniques, cheap out Pretty self explanatory question I guess. Issue 1822 July 7, 2011 Accommodation for vulnerable young people rolling out. I have only been shooting for about 20 years, so I can't claim to know what all of the problems are that manufacturers have had. I meant to post this earlier, but it got away from me. Since they are all the same design my muscle memory is pretty consistent. These high contrast fiber optic sights feature a 3 dot pattern with a …25. Probleme die bislang über Kimber sapphire problems keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website01. Some mags were worse than others, but all had the problem. Also, due to the pouring rain (see video above), the rubberized front strap on the grip allowed me to handle the gun with ease, even when soaking wet. Maybe they are not a Wilson Combat, Les Baer, or Night Hawk etc. 2018 · Just Bought two new Kimber Rifles ( The Montana is on its way back to Yonkers with feed issues ) The Hunter model and the Montana model. I own a Kimber 84m in 243 win and it is one of the most accurate rifles I have ever owned. Kimber will warranty the pistol for life, but will only cover shipping for the first year. Dennis at the Kimber Custom Shop has been cool through out my problems. Does anyone here have a Kimber Micro . Shop Trijicon 3 Dot Tritium Night Sights for Kimber Pistols | Up to 40% Off 4. Colt had its QC problems during the 29 Стд 201810 Кас 2010The following is a list of Kimber 1911s I have personally owned since the year 2005 and the various issues each pistol came with brand new 13 Nov 2013 Springfield TRP's are great guns for the upper level Kimber stuff. Likewise, while they are looking the gun over, have them check the feed ramp angle, proper spacing between the barrel throat and feed ramp. Glock almost went through a huge decline with the issues they had 2 Jan 2018 I've heard that Kimber has had problematic QC issues for years, but don't know what their current state is. If different ammo and magazines don't work you'll probably have to send it back to be fixed or replaced. ? I posted this last year to a similar question I think but its still up on their site. " Winston Churchill The Kimber FamilyTruglo BRITE-SITE sight set 1911 Kimber front and rear sight cuts steel fiber optic Red front, green rear. 09. Colt had its QC problems during the Jan 29, 2018 Been having issues with my Kimber Stainless II 1911, let's see if Kimber came through. 00 : Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall DN 3300194 $699. The Kimber may, in fact, be the best hunting rifle action in production today. Out in the desert troubleshooting OfficerJared's problematic Kimber TLE RL 1911. Kimber HERO is an improvement over PBJ, very refined, controlled and warm, but I had a feeling that some details were missing in high and low end of the spectrum. Since then I have shot about 200 rounds through it with no problems. Kimber’s heavier caliber version is a vast improvement in every single way. Kimbers had problems years ago but the last few years I haven't heard of any issues out of them. Kimber K6S Revolver LG - 357 Mag. "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. My Eclipse had the common problem of premature slidelock, which Kimber fixed in 24 hrs by sending me a new slide stop. Good news- for me, Kimber called back and is going to fix and ship the gun on warrenty. I’ll just ban your silly ass), but I’m going to say it anyway… I see more problems in my classes with Kimber guns than I do from any other manufacturer. Here you are dealing with a re-cham Kimber Montana in . I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. Fight your way through the problems for the specified round count, if you still have issues, that's when the trouble shooting needs to start. 2011 · Are there any short comings or recurring issues/problems with the Kimber Montana rifles. They will convert it free of charge to a . The Kimber 1911 Aegis Elite Ultra Sub-Compact 9mm Review Plan. 380? It's been awhile since they've been released and wonder if any owners have encountered any problems. 22 caliber rifles. Give other ammo a chance, and if the problem still persist, have them email you a shipping label on the spot. That said, there are many people who report nothing but success with theirs. This is a discussion on Kimber Pro slide release within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Ok, bought my wife a Kimber Pro Crimson Carry. 03. The day I turned 21 was one of the most memorable days of my life. I just worked on a Custom Classic - an older gun - but it was the most problematic 5 inch gun I've ever worked on - I just replaced the slide with a Caspian unit and the problems are solved. An extended base pad ensures positive magazine seating on 1911 pistols with an extended magazine well. 243 from Kimber, distributed in the UK by Riflecraft, and endorses this excellent value off-the-shelf rifle Kimber Ultra Carry II Two Tone. We carry JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING by Kimber Great prices and same day shipping make MidwayUSA the sportsman’s superstore. 00 : Kimber K6S Stainless 357 Mag 2017 Revolver 3400010 $849. The easily-concealed Kimber Micro 9 Stainless 9mm pistol features mild recoil, smooth trigger pull and the intuitive operation of a 1911. Anybody have this gun or any other Kimber Ultra in the 3" barrel? and what are your thought on them?? I've heard that Kimber was having alot of problems with their external extractors and failure to eject and recently changed all there extractor back to internal. Kimber K6S. Kimber-Agreed. I know I'm going to get some hate mail for I tried Kimber magazines, Wilson magazines (7 and 8 round), and Cobra mags. But they also produce a line of USA made bolt action rifles and a few years back they decided to start building a line of Tactical Rifles as well. The steel frame for one is the same for them all. 5 – 10. The moral of the story: vigorously test your defensive handguns before you The Kimber action is also far from what I'd call smooth. This is the preferred method to the others listed above in my opinion. That is in a marketplace with over 50 different manufacturers making the famed semi-auto handgun. 2010 · I bought a Kimber Stainless Steel Ultra Carry II a few months back, and sadly I am quite disappointed in it. Kimber announced the addition of new models, features and caliber extensions to its 2016 product lineup. Kimber is banking on a name they made 10 years ago. The differences in them is coatings, safeties, sights, grips and checkering. Beyond choosing the best materials and holding true to classic design, each part in a Kimber pistol is made to the industry's tightest tolerances, ensuring unequaled dependability and performance. This was an especially practical design option for Kimber engineers since placing the Model 70-style, three-position safety in its mid-engaged position unlocks the bolt for safely unloading the magazine by cycling cartridges through the action. It sounds like Kimber plans to start ramping up production soon, so you should be able to find one at your friendly local gun store in the near future. I called Kimber the first time with a couple hundred shots through as it would not feed PMC hollow point bullets but 50% of the time. Kimber Micro 9mm problems submitted 1 year ago by beardedlemon Hello all, I just recently bought a Micro 9, and took it to the range for the first time last night. I have heard nothing but great reviews from this gun and everybody talks about Kimber in hushed tones of adoration and reverence. The Hunter in 280 AI is flattening the tips of both Nosler Accubonds and Hornady ELDX bullets. 9 Star Rating on 13 Reviews for Trijicon 3 Dot Tritium Night Sights for Kimber Pistols Best …12. He was first married to Margaret "Maggie" Johnson in 1953, but while dating Johnson, he had another relationship that allegedly resulted in a …25. The Kimber Subalpine is not equipped with an open sight, but traditional sight rings can be mounted. The common condition reported was that the extractor was not "tuned" correctly. Modern manufacturing techniques would be embraced and used to advantage; but assembly, fit and finish could only depend on practiced hands. Not when it's shootingKimber will warranty the pistol for life, but will only cover shipping for the first year. Went home and reviewed the Kimber forum for others problems with the Micro 9. Re: Kimber Hero Interconnects I really am a cheapskate, Joe, so I'm happy with the 8TC's. $3m new tourist centre for Flying Doctor in Alice. 2005 · I just purchased a new Kimber TLE/RL II stainless pistol. " Since the inception of the Kimber 1911 series, Kimber has rapidly-and deservedly-developed a reputation for quality and reliability. The biggest thing about the gun is the addition of an I love my kimber that is sitting in a Mcmillian A2 stock with edge fill, weighs in at 8lbs scoped, while not super lite it is a smooth shooting setup that doesn't weigh a ton. "Kimber 1911 Troubles" by Nutnfancy - YouTube www. Kimber Problems fr Gunsmith View Just read a thread on the problems of Kimbers that so many people talk about. Mine was a 257R Kimber Select. The new Kimber K6s is a compact 6-shot Magnum revolver that is likely to get a lot of attention in the coming months. Then I’ve connected Silver Streak and voila! There’s a good reason why Kimber is one of the top manufacturers of the 1911, from . In addition to giving its foundational line of 1911s a new look with the new Two-Tone and Stainless II product lines, Kimber has expanded the 1911 9mm caliber options to include the Pro CDP II The Kimber seems like its break-in was a matter of spring tension and possibly also included lock-up. Kimber recommends a break-in of 500 rounds through their 1911 pistols before speaking to the reliability of the action in feeding and extracting. The Pro Carry is a gun meant for serious business. 08. What has Kimber done right? Marketing. Huge variations in performance. ask. Actually, the Standard action is the same in diameter as the Short Magnum Model 8400 action, but the new action has been lengthened by 1 inch to accommodate the Kimber builds serious 1911s. Stainless steel bolt action is weather-resistant to ensure reliability. 308 Winchester, . That was two years ago and the *%(*^% thing has het to have a failure. The dictionary defines "raptor" as a type of dinosaur as well as a type of bird, both of which were and are expert predators. If you are looking for an easy to conceal, low weight high performance EDC, with controls similar to the 1911 you are used to, the Kimber Micro 9 Raptor is a great choice. I have a couple of 45acp 1911 Kimber's too. Special Operations Command. My pistols work best with brass cased ammo. within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Did you guys know that kimber made what looks to be the same as a p238/938? The Kimber Micro 9 Pistol is built by the Kimber Custom Shop and is in many ways similar to a miniature 1911 style pistol. When I first got into shooting and I wanted a 1911, Kimber was the only thing I knew of. I bought a Kimber 82 from CMP. Kimber seems to be in a phase of quality control problems and I would avoid buying one right now. Apparently he cant get more than one mag through it without having a failure to feed. kimber custom ii problems, kimber custom ii reliability, kimber custom ii review, kimber forum, kimber tactical custom ii. For all Pro Carry Series and Compact 4" Kimber guns only . biggamehunt. com Despite its size, the Kimber is well balanced, and packing 7+1 rounds of 9mm, the subcompact Sapphire Ultra II is a real gem to shoot. I like to do mine digitally. Want to work for us? We are always looking for talented Kimber problems severoth on 02. I have found most of my pistols do not like wolf steel ammo or CCI aluminum ammo. php?t=117851I tried Kimber magazines, Wilson magazines (7 and 8 round), and Cobra mags. feeding problems and Kimber rifles NOTES FOR VISITORS: Welcome to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums! The contents of our forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below. Kimber has discontinued the SIS model due to political pressure from the Los Angeles elected officials. 380 used in this test suffered from serious performance issues as the slide stop not only did not hold the slide to the rear, but it fell out of the gun during testing. Every morning, I type 750 words of reflection or I speed write my way through problems or issues that have come up or I just generally plan the day. Crazy about Maltese puppies and dogs? Join other Maltese dog lovers by sharing your stories and learning all about how to train and care for this great toy dog breed. The Raptor II (left) and Pro Raptor II are products of the Kimber Custom Shop. 30. Are there any short comings or recurring issues/problems with the Kimber Montana rifles. That sounds fancy and important but what they are really telling you is they managed to efficiently pack a lot of wire density into a small area. 45 ACP Master Carry pistols will certainly fill them with aplomb. About Kimber Learn more about who we are, what we do, and where we came from. In the Army, they taught us to slap the mag, charge a round and chop the back of our slides. Check out the extensive line of Kimber products online at www. This is a discussion on SP101 vs. kimber tactical custom ii problems, kimber tactical custom ii review, kimber tactical custom ii reviews. 2018 · SP101 vs. "Since 2003 I have owned 7 other Kimber pistols in a wide variety of lengths (2 Ultra length, 3 Pro length, and 2 full-sized pistols) and have never had a moment of problem with them. Hot Girl Club is a Free Porn Tube website with daily updated Free HD Porn Videos and Hottest Naked Girls!I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. I had 4-5 fail to eject in the first 50 rounds. Lots of FTEs. I did have issues feeding with it initially, but I called Kimber and found I was stacking the rounds in the wrong sequence in the mag. The jamming problems had me upset with it for a while but it seems I managed to take care of that on my own. With Hornady factory ammo (32gr V-Max) the gun would easily shoot sub-1" and with practice was a consistent half moa gun. Certainly it's frustrating. Buy the Kimber Micro 9 Stainless Semi-Auto Pistol with Hogue Grips and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. I had been told and read that they were very accurate, however I found that it was the most accurate, 1911 type firearm I have ever used, bar none. 2010 · Good idea! The model 700 is pretty hard to beat! I also have the same opinion about Kimber products, I paid $1100 for a 1911 45acp and that pistol was total garbage, nothing but failure to feed and stove pipes, it went back to the factory twice and they never fixed the problems. I know I’m going to get some hate mail for this one (Don’t send it. The Kimber Ultra Carry II has been one of the go to small frame 1911’s for a long time. Just google up all the problems people are having with their Kimbers (we won't even discuss the solo carry). Kimber Pro Carry II Stainless 1911 Review. Buy some Wilson Combat magazines and see if that solves the problems. 15. 45 ACP with beautiful grey/striped walnut grips. During this time, you may experience malfunctions like feed failures, jams and other problems. Some work fine. It wasn't jamming, it was just hanging Status: GelöstAntworten: 12problems with kimber rifles | Big Game Hunt | …Diese Seite übersetzenhttps://www. The distinctive grips and cocking grooves are both handsome and effective. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Kimber Solo not functioning properly. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted Firearms by Kimber at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Kimber was founded in 1979 in Oregon, USA by Jack and Greg Warne under the name of “Kimber in Oregon”. Fubuki attacking Saitama with psychokinesis. I have a Kimber Solo and love it. Kimber had a booth at Range Day and it was a beautiful, if windy, day at the Boulder Pistol and Rifle Club. Kimber was founded with the singular purpose of building fine sporting firearms, better even than classics from the golden age of American gunmaking. Used 25 rounds of Winchester 115 Gr JHP and 25 …29. I narrowed my choices down to STI Spartan V, SA Loaded, and the Kimber Custom II. 24 Jun 2015 1) Short-barreled 1911s often have problems (especially if they have “Kimber” written on their slides). The gun's steel frame is machined on computer-driven machines to unequaled tolerances to work flawlessly with the gun's match grade barrel, barrel bushings, chamber, and trigger. The problems manifested themselves quickly during the 500 round breakin, that, as is my tradition, I did in one sitting. Kimber Manufacturing is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes small arms such as M1911 pistols, Solo pistols and rifles. The Kimber Warrior was initially devolved for the elite Marine Detachment assigned to the U. Then for some odd reason, between 120 and 130 rounds at every range session, I would start getting misfeeds. Maybe Kimber released this one before they got the bugs worked out. I had bough a Kimber Ultra Carry many years ago and had nothing but problems with the accuract of the pistol. The little Kimber Pro CDP II perked along through 500 rounds of shooting with zero problems. 2013 · Ive had a Custom 2 TLE (the LA Swat 1911) for 7 years, Ive never had any issues with it, and that is with the rumored crappy Kimber mags. Kimber did it with their LA SWAT gun (the Classic II), and, with the approval of the Pro Carry II for issue by the Tacoma police department, the Kimber Pro Carry joined this elite club. Is anyone else having the same problems? Calling the Kimber Custom II a plain-Jane pistol is like calling a 1940 Packard, "just another car. *Excerpt from Kimber manual is from the manual for a 5" Kimber. One of Kimber's® finest concealed carry pistols, the Kimber Ultra CDP II handgun pairs lightweight construction, Kimber quality and accuracy and multiple features for concealed carrying. I reload almost all my ammo and the Tula was $7. 04. Initially, for this review, I want to present the specifications and features of the Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra 3-inch 9mm. It's been a great shooter since. They should satisfy the most demanding hunter. com/watc I tried Kimber magazines, Wilson magazines (7 and 8 round), and Cobra mags. Because of the tight tolerances on which they are built the Kimber 1911's require a lengthy break-in period," the reviewer noted. Also, I know it is not my wrists or the load of the ammo since it even fails to feed the first round when I manually load it. Shop a full line of Kimber products at MidwayUSA. View our selection of laser sights for Kimber pistols. 2017 · I understand that in the "old" days a lot of guns didn't come off of the shelf shooting very well. The 10mm is a very serious caliber. 22 cal if I send it back. I was intrigued with the idea of an ultra-light production rifle. The world’s lightest production 6-shot . Which I 9 Apr 2015 All that's left of my Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry is this photo and a few The trouble is, if average is what we are preparing for, why are we 27 Oct 2017 I just bought the Kimber Ultra Carry II. Tool for Kimber's 1911 Ultra Platform - Fits all 3" barrel Kimber Ultra Platform Models - Ultra Carry, Crimson, KHX, CDP, Aegis, Eclipse, Master Carry, Raptor, Super Carry, etc. Comes with factory case, one Kimber 7rd mag, four Wilson Combat mags (3 47D, 1 500), 300rds of Blazer Brass 230gr FMJ and a box of Speer Gold Dot 185gr HP. 2011 · My problem is that the slide goes back try's to chamber another round but does not feed it all the way. 2016 · Every Kimber starts off the same. 260 was a different story, I had feed problems and accuracy issues matching yours. Depending on your needs, one of the . Classic Kimber Posted on December 27, 2011 by Byron Pace — 1 Comment ↓ Sporting Rifle’s Byron Pace reviews the 84M Classic Select in . By KIERAN FINNANE. Kimber Micro 9 Stainless 3300158 $649. bought a . Hey everyone, Well a guy i work with asked me what to do about his Kimber ultra carry 3in. Kimber 1911's Are Bad or: How I learned to stop buying Kimbers and love the 1911 submitted 5 years ago * by InfinityPlusInfinity I see so much on this and other gun forums where people hate on the 1911. I also have a new Kimber Pro Carry 14+1 and have the very same problem I cant seem to get the right grip on the dbl stacks. It seems like the new tend is to avoid kimber 1911's because of quality control. Anyone have experience good or bad with the Kimber Montana's?? Anyone decided to get rid of a Kimber based on problems with the rifle quality and function? Thanks. Accomplished hunters and shooters worldwide choose limited production Kimber rifles. Feeding problems can only be solved with a magazine change if the problem is with the magazine. Do you guys think they Apr 9, 2015 All that's left of my Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry is this photo and a few . It got sold. Problems are common with . This is a factory Extended Magazine Base Padsfrom Kimber. He is happy. 45acp. 45 auto caliber and the fact the every aspect of the gun is carefully designed for everyday carry makes one wonder aloud, Does this handgun Kimber Solo 9mm Review – Guns & Ammo Kimber Micro CDP Pistol, 380 ACP, two tone Leave nothing to chance. I called Kimber and they didn't hesitate to have me send it in for repair. I am having the same problem with the slide locking back with rounds still in the mag. My Ultra II works well with the Kimber 7 rounders, and the 40/10 has a few problems with a couple of magizines that are range only. 22 to 9mm to . Completely made within the Kimber Factory, Kimber Rifles are a combination of unique features. 9 Star Rating on 13 Reviews for Trijicon 3 Dot Tritium Night Sights for Kimber Pistols Best …29. These pistols marked a significant event in the history of hand-held weapons. However, since I haven't picked up my pistol (still waiting for 10 day clearance) I have been getting a little spooked by some of the threads on problems. Kimber states the double action trigger pull is factory set at approximately 9. The frame has an tactical rail, the front and rear straps are checkered, a fitted match grade barrel, ambidextrous thumb safety, night sights and an aluminum match grade trigger that is tuned to 4-5 pounds. The Kimber Super Carry is an attractive pistol with a black Kim Pro II finish on the stainless steel slide which is masterfully married to the matte silver Aluminum frame. Kimber’s QC wasn’t the best out there for a stretch, but it does seem as if the overall quality of Kimber guns has been steadily improving since some of the earlier series II small parts gave the brand a bad reputation for a stint. Get the S&W 9mm shield and its on sale. Use in the Trench Warfare Drill showed problems  Kimber Common Problems and Fixes - 1911Forum forums. The pistol will look like a larger version of the Micro . We are a Kimber Authorized Dealer, and can help you with any parts that you might need for Kimber. I’ve certainly seen some Kimbers that work well, but they are rare. Kimber Micro 9 Pistol Two-Tone 9mm in Kramer Leather OWB Leather Pancake The Kimber Ultra Aegis II 9mm pistol is a deluxe custom 1911 that’s super shootable, super accurate! Kimber is a super weapon but I personally think Sig provides the same quality and performance at a much better price. They are very well functioning guns, and neither had a lick of problems with any of the Kimber Solo 9mm This is Kimber’s entry in the pocket rocket category. You may have to register before you …03. With an all-stainless steel construction and sleek profiling aimed at concealed carry or home defense, the modern revolver has been an instant hit. The grip safety of a true 1911 is deleted. Take the Montana stock and weigh it, think it comes in around 24oz. Hi Tdrake, I traded a new Kimber Ultra Ten 11 3' dbl stack that shot as well as the full size Kimber great little gun but I had a problem holding it without limp wristing. But out of the box the accuracy was terribly bad with "good groups" running 3 inches or more. Kimber owns over 40 percent of the total market, which is a tremendous achievement for any gun maker these days. This rifle came with a composite (plastic) stock and detachable magazine, and a substantially reduced price when compared to the Montana. The combination of the potent . also got mine 7-8 years ago and took 5 month to get it in after they did not hesitate to take my money assuring me that it would be in in two weeks. Kimber is releasing a new 9mm subcompact pistol in 2016 called the Micro 9. Other firearms such as the Les Baer Monolith and Kimber Gold Match are wonderfully accurate but they are specialized target pistols. Sorry to hear about the problems, I have 3 Kimbers and the only problem is the Warrior does not like Wilsom mags but shoots well with Chip Mccormic or the Kimber Mags. The K6s is the ideal concealed carry weapon, but sometimes six bullets aren’t enough. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Actually, the The Kimber Forum is dedicated to the discussion of Kimber firearms and other gun related topics. The Pro Carry HD and the Team Match don't much care which mag they get fed. 2012 · I've got a fairly new Kimber Montana 84M rifle in . I took my Kimber Pro Carry II in . The Kimber Forum is dedicated to the discussion of Kimber firearms and other gun related topics. Like the Weatherby and the Sako, the Kimber has an open top action that gives excellent access for loading from the top or clearing a jam. The Kimber Micro 9 can use the same magazines as the Sig Sauer P938. Take it for what its worth. I called Kimber customer service and they said it only happened when the 8th round was not inserted fully into the mag. 17. 300 Winchester Short Magnum and . It's very accurate for a sub-compact 45, but the day I bought it I took it to the range and the slide locked opened before the end of the mag twice in less than 50 rounds through it. The second accessory that I recommend is the Kimber Second-Six Speed Loader Pouch. Seeing the new Kimber was about the most exciting 10 seconds I've had all week. Stainless steel barrel delivers superb Sub-MOA accuracy, while the lightweight reinforced-polymer stock is comfortable and easy to handle. Long before Kimber’s current (and extensive) line of M1911-based handguns, the Kimber rifle was born in a time when the long-beloved, controlled-round-feed, pre-1964 Model 70 was gone and all I have been reading several of the threads about FTF problems in some kimber models. 2018 · Just ran the first 50 rounds through one of my recently purchased Micro 9's and not one problem. Any compnay can put out a lemon from time to time, particularly the larger the production scale. Never any problems with factory stuff and I reload with a number of cast bullets, some of which can be pretty ugly for a 1911. . com . ” He’s absolutely correct. I wouldn’t buy one. This is a discussion on Seeking feedback on Kimber micro carry 380 within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by BeerBrewer I do like the Kimber Micro a lot. Being an owner of more than my share of 1911's, I thought this would be a no brainer. Believe it or not I have not had one FTF or FTB. S. 357 Magnum revolver, featuring superior ergonomics, smooth match-grade trigger, low-glare brushed stainless finish, and black wood and rubber Crimson Trace Lasergrips. I used a variety of magazines, and the Kimber seemed to prefer Wilson Combat 47D mags. After a rebuild and trigger job, it ran like a top, but I was disappointed that out of the box it needed attention. New Kimber TLE problems I should add that I am not new to 1911's, having used them extensively in the Army and having been trained as an Armorer. customer service not the best. It was more a treaties on the steps that take place in the feeding process and little things that get in the way. 380 ACP KIMCDP $899. The Solo came to the market with great fanfare followed by moderate disappointment. The Kimber Pro Aegis II in 9mm fills a somewhat similar niche. 40 caliber back out to the range after having the feed ramp polished at the gun smith. I had my mind set on a 1911 9mm sig but was unable to find any in stock at the time. It has no problems eating hallow points or …I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. 45 ACP, with matte stainless finish is a gun that I don't own, but have been able to observe in action for about 3 and a half years. The Kimber Gold Combat RL is a Custom Shop pistol featuring a stainless steel frame and slide, finished in a matte black KimPro II Finish. I think I'll sleep okay knowing I don't have one. Very accurate, manageable recoil, and great size and look. 24. Changed out the springs afterwards though. It shoots very accurately despite the short barrel, although the sights were off by a good bit as received from the factory. Also in the box is the usual paperwork, including instruction manual, NRA application and Kimber decal. -in. Take it …I had no problem tagging my 10 inch iron target from 10 – 12 yards away with my first couple loaded cylinders. The Solo is unlike other On a Kimber Micro 9 Crimson Carry, the rewards are likely to be striking. Kimber’s Stainless Target II is a full-size, production 1911 with many custom-like features and precision tolerances that set it apart from the run-of-mill version of this old warhorse. Kimber micro carry 380. It just seemed like rounds fed smoother through the gun with those magazines. I passed approxiamtely 20,000 rounds through it without any jams or problems. Some people like to point to some special technique for shooting light guns but that is not my experience, it will either shoot or it wont. Re: problems with kimber rifles I had the opportunity to shoot a new Kimber Pro-Varmint a few years ago in 204. A week ago, I bought a new Kimber Target II 9mm. The USA Shooting Team, Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, and the LAPD SWAT team use Kimber pistols. I am happy with the outcome as long as that pistol works as well as I have read and witnessed. Found this was a condition experienced by others. Use in the Trench Warfare Drill showed problems (http://www. In a relative ocean of polymer competitors, we would observe that it took mettle for Kimber to offer a small 9 mm Kimber Manufacturing is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes small arms such as M1911 pistols, Solo pistols and rifles. 00 : Kimber Desert Warrior . 2012 · I have a Kimber Solo and love it. 1) Quit Kimber's Hunter Bolt-Action Rifles are sure to become your most trusted tool on your next hunt. Kimber offers a wide selection of classic sporting, hard-core hunting, unique varmint and no-compromise tactical rifles. I can induce a failure to feed by chambering a round by merely hitting the slide release lever while the gun is tilted up. Hyatt Guns proudly sells Heckler and Koch pistols and rifles. After a the first box, it ate a variety of target ammo I fed it. I put 50 rounds of 185 gr wadcutters through it using the factory mag and the 8 round kimber tactical mag I purchased - No problem. Kimber 1911 Handgun Review – A Handgun You Can Rely On The reliability and accuracy in handguns came into existence with the arrival of the Kimber 1911 series. Both feature a stainless steel match grade barrel that is machined oversized and then fitted by hand in the Custom Shop for accuracy. Kimber has really done a great job with their MIM process and tolerances. 2014 · Just read a thread on the problems of Kimbers that so many people talk about. Whatever you buy from them, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. Legendary Kimber quality, dependability, and accuracy rolled into a small easily carried package. In 2016, the Kimber 84M Hunter was introduced. 53 MOA. 28. I have experience with 2 Kimber products, a 1911 and a Montana 270 WSM. 280 Ackley Improved, . The Kimber Warrior comes off the shelf ready for action. 300 Winchester Magnum for around USD 1,700. This one looked a little better than the heavier Hornady SST bullets but I still wasn't too impressed. It has never had any of the “usual” Kimber problems. I'll agree, shooting a snubbie well is hard, with the short sight radius. 45 ACP yesterday. 45. It is lightweight, powerful, reliable, and easy to control, even using Plus P ammunition. Thanks ALOT!!!! LOVE THIS FORUM BY THE WAY ALE Director John Ledford said the Kimber pistols repeatedly suffered such problems as rounds jamming during training exercises, broken sights and the weapon's safety button sometimes falling off. From magazine issues to feed issues. When examining the Kimber . Have the SIG P938 for cooler weather and their 1911 carry for when it’s cold. The problem with Kimber MIM is that they use shitty techniques, cheap out 2 Jan 2017 I purchased my Kimber few months back and upon my first visit to the shooting range, I realized some problems with my hand gun. Kimber is dedicated to building only the finest pistols and rifles. Jan 2, 2017 I purchased my Kimber few months back and upon my first visit to the shooting range, I realized some problems with my hand gun. I had some problems with this gun initially. kimber problemsJan 2, 2018 I've heard that Kimber has had problematic QC issues for years, but don't know what their current state is. And even though they did a great job Despite Kimber’s stellar reputation, the Micro CDP . The Kimber Pro Carry II 1911 . Kimber firearms are covered by their limited warranty. If it is a headspace problem i will send it back to kimber "the whole gun this time", and have them fix the issues or i will have them replace the gun with a new one. However, on the 1911 forum there seems to be a general dislike of Kimber 1911s. The low bore axis, a grip that fits most hands well, and the single-action, straight to the rear trigger compression are maintained. Even after straightening that issue out, it still is rough to load the first round. Note: Detailed reviews of the Kimber 84M Montana, 8400 Montana, 84M Classic and two reviews of the Kimber 84M Longmaster can be found on the Product Reviews page. Besides the gun, the pouch also contains a plastic speed clip. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Kimber America did something that I had not expected: the company went retro and introduced a wheel gun at the 2016 SHOT Show. I would rather keep my . We got out to the range with it for the first time on Saturday. Those of The Gold Match II and Stainless Gold Match II are the finest production pistols offered by Kimber. Hello all, I just recently bought a Micro 9, and took it to the range for the first time last night. Kimber . However, I have had approximately 25 failure to feed problems in the 500 rounds I have put through the pistol. With that generic of a question, send it back to Kimber. The rifle will not shoot under 3" at 25 yards. Kimber suggested using the Hornady ammo only, to alieviate the problem, but I tried it with no success. This Kimber is the only 1911 I’ve had significant problems with and the last I hope. 357 Magnum snub nose was released last year, but availability has been limited so far. Then, I will give my ten criteria and range test results and my opinions on it to help you analyze your handguns and make the best selection for yourself. I would need to look real hard to find anything wrong with it. 257 Roberts, and after putting a little more than 100 rounds through it, it still feeds very poorly. I fired some reloads and cheap Tula through it. 25. I would also recommend getting new quality mags such as Wilson or Novak mags. The rifle should not have any problems leaving the factory, the quality control should catch obvious problems like that. Sometimes life forces us to find compromise. Which I Oct 27, 2017 I just bought the Kimber Ultra Carry II. shoots great sub 1 at 100 with my reloads. Here recently, Kimber has come into the spotlight for providing customers with QC problems and sometimes shotty customer service. The 1911 had feeding problems which Kimber refused to fix, stating that it was within their specs. In fact, I'm not sure that I personally know anyone who hasn't had problems with Kimber. 45 ACP I have a 3 inch . checkering on the front strap promotes a positive grip and enhanced control, even with cold, wet or gloved hands. My brother has fired my Kimber and he has had a few of the problems. youtube. So, it makes perfect sense that the New-York-based gun-builder chambered its tactical 1911 platform, the Custom TLE/RL II, in a round meant to settle gunfights once and for all. Re: Kimber Warrior problems. I was was surprised at its accuracy. Re: Kimber problems « Reply #9 on: December 10, 2014, 01:37:41 PM » RZ 10 is a nicer gun than the Kimber and quite frankly I like the Delta better than both. Good service. Most gun malfunctions I have experienced has been the result of faulty magazines. I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. I'm not Kimber educated, but in many Bolt Action s if the stock has been pulled and the magazine wasn't properly re-fitted into the stock, it will cause problems with how the bolt rides against the stacked rounds, and how the rounds get picked up. Kimber Micro Stainless Pistol - Slides on the Stainless and Two-Tone models as well as all Micro barrels are machined from stainless steel for superior resistance to moisture. Kimber offers law enforcement tactical pistols and rifles, less-lethal self-defense products, light weight rifles and mountain rifles. Please leave feedback if anyone has heard or personally had these problems. sorry to hear of you problems. 11 1:09 Western arms hammer springs are not designed to hit the values on ur mags hard enough with gg/propane causing what is known as "light strikes" on the valvue. Fine 1911 pistols and rifles for both the hunter and shooter. All Micro frames are shaped from the finest aluminum for integrity and strength. The accuracy is great and I shoot it very well. 1911forum. Personaldefenseworld. 2017 · Went home and reviewed the Kimber forum for others problems with the Micro 9. Kimber Sapphire Ultra II 9mm - Personal Defense World. The 1 mag ships with Kimber is usually the source of many problems. I've had no problems with my Kimber as far as accuracy, fit, finish, mechanical functionality. 00 : Kimber K6S 3 See Kimber's 2013 MSRP price list along with model numbers and UPC codes. I tried three different types of ammo, along22. In fact, the magazines are almost identical. I shot 3 other semi-autos, including another kimber on the same day, with the same ammo. They were somewhat of a mystery at the time. Have fired close to 1500 rounds through it. 357 Mag. A lot of successful people I admire have kept Morning Pages. SP101 vs. These 5 days include shipping time both ways. I heard someone say once that extremely light weight rifles can suffer from accuracy problems from the bench as a result of free recoil. Built in the Kimber Custom Shop to exacting specifications, Kimber's Micro Pistols are easy to handle, accurate and reliable. The SIS is an excellent representation of the entire Kimber line, but the Special Investigations Section guns are now going to be collectibles. Sorry for your disappointment. Kimber: About a year ago, I started keeping Morning Pages as suggested in The Artist’s Way. Micro slides are made to the tightest allowable tolerances, with barrels machined from stainless steel for superior Kimber’s latest series of 1911s offers an ideal selection for home defense and concealed carry. 12. But when the company saw the burgeoning market for concealed carry handguns that has developed in this country, it set about providing a product to satisfy it. 40S&W. A few days ago, I bought a GORGEOUS full sized Kimber 1911, blued, . But the Sig magazines have no visible weld marks while the Kimber magazine has clearly visible weld marks. Kimber revealed the new rifle at the 2012 SHOT show to rave reviews. Kimber is going to replace my TLE with one of the new Warriors. I am not sure why this happened. Want to work for us? We are always looking for talented Seeking feedback on Kimber micro carry 380. 5 pounds which is a little lighter than most double action revolvers. Not only for the legal drinks at the local Applebee’s, but for the hour-long trek to a not-so-local gun store to make the most exciting, and ultimately worst, purchase of my life—a Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry chambered in . Kimber ingeniously designed a pouch and speed-loader combination which disperses the bulk evenly over a belt, offering maximum concealment. 00 a box 27 Feb 2013 Kimber problems Handguns: The Semi-automatic Forum. But let's get back to this marvelous pistol. Kimber has a brilliant marketing team. I wonder what the length and spring constant of that recoil spring was when new, after 500 rounds, and after 2,000 rounds. I replaced the black iron sights with Truglo tritium fiber optic sights. I LOVE this gun. 2012 · I had the opportunity to shoot a new Kimber Pro-Varmint a few years ago in 204. The group measured 1. S. This was my first Kimber purchase. 09. The round would enter the chamber, but would fail to completely enter, with the rim of the cartridge just barely inserted under the extractor claw. In my experience Kimber pistols either have no problems or HUGE problems, there's no in between. Kimber’s Stainless Target II is a full-size, production 1911 with many custom-like features and precision The source for the 1989 Enquirer article that originally broke the story claimed Johnson was aware of Kimber's existence at all times and even met Roxanne Tunis in person when making an unannounced visit to the set of Breezy in 1972. 357 Magnum snub nose was released last year, but availability has been limited so far. The reputation of the company grew very fast with the development of the . Did you strip and clean the gun after you got it back from the factory? If you did and were not carefull about hooking the small spring on the takedown pin that would cause exactly the problems you are having. Kimber claims their insulated dielectric is a high-pressure, low-temperature extruded fluorocarbon. Kimber is definitely one of the big companies in the world of 1911-style pistols. 01. net/forum/problems-kimber-rifles?page=112. I encounter problem guns so regularly that I cringe every time I see a student break out a Kimber for my class. But its seems like I have to do this every time in order to know that my pistol was going to fire. The Kimber functions perfectly with this combination, as does a 45 ACP non-1911 in my collection. Having worked closely with the LAPD SWAT Team for many years, and being familiar with the Kimber pistols that the unit adopted, the SIS followed suit in selecting Kimber 1911-style pistols for itself. 1) Short-barreled 1911s often have problems (especially if they have “Kimber” written on their slides). i love my kimber but its an 8400 in 330wsm. Kimber overnighted me a new grip safety so they were very responsive at least. The new Kimber K6s . It's somewhat like a tiny 1911 in appearance and handling but different in engineering, and it feels like it was born in your hand. do a …30. Good idea! The model 700 is pretty hard to beat! I also have the same opinion about Kimber products, I paid $1100 for a 1911 45acp and that pistol was total garbage, nothing but failure to feed and stove pipes, it went back to the factory twice and they never fixed the problems. 45ACP 3000126 $1,449. Sandwiching flat conductors, although the best way of reducing cable inductance, also produces the highest cable capacitance which can lead to amplifier stability problems for long runs of cables and not so well designed amplifiers. I’ve liked a number of them over the last few years but not well enough to gamble on spotty quality and questionable customer service. I shot just about every other weekend for 5 years with my Kimber Team Match 2. Springfield XD Forum. youtube. I sent it back. com/showthread. Google "Kimber broken hammer" and see how many results pop up. Be prepared in the backcountry with the Kimber Camp Guard 10. Back in the spring of 2012 I read a review of Kimber’s newest rifle in the 84M line, the “Mountain Ascent”. But hey, if they work for you, carry on and enjoy. If anyone thinks I'm being unfair to Kimber just google "kimber problems" or "kimber custom II problems", or check my sources. Proper way to chamber would be to pull the slide back off the slide release and let it come forward. The match grade trigger has a smooth and steady pull that will feel natural to the seasoned revolver shooter. Kimber CDP-Custom Defense Package-pistols combine the most popular carry features into a package that gives them their name. Specifically their short action calibers. Kimber is particularly known for their 1911’s and Rifles, so this is something very different for them. Has Kimber fixed their problems? California handguns Historically, Kimber 1911s have been somewhat of a hit or a miss at times. I purchased a kimber custom II a couple of weeks ago after deliberating on which company most deserved my business. 2013 · A week ago, I bought a new Kimber Target II 9mm. This Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II pistol is an excellent choice for concealed carry. By Adam Heggenstaller, American Hunter Kimber’s hunting rifles carry certain panache, owing to their controlled-round-feed bolts, well-balanced combinations of action and barrel contour, and graceful lines highlighted by either high-grade walnut or high-tech carbon-fiber composite. I have a new Kimber Warrior and have had zero problems with mine. These include the Kimber Custom II as used by LAPD SWAT and the Colt service pistol recently purchased by the United State Marine Corps. Somebody help me out with this? I can't seem to get a full magazine to shoot without a failure to extract about every third or forth round. 30-lines-per-sq. The pistol ran fine, but at least once or twice with each mag the ejected cases would hit the shooter in the forehead. HELP! Tell him to have someone who knows what they are looking at check the extractor hook for proper geometery and the extractor for proper tension. Being an owner of more than my share of 1911's, I thought this would be a no brainer. This RMEF edition handgun is comfortable-to-carry and combines sought-after personal defense features with the stopping power required for the largest of predators. The K6s CDP is complete with Kimber’s signature Carry Melt treatment that further rounds edges for snag-free carry, a smooth black DLC finish on the frame and brushed stainless barrel and cylinder and small parts, checkered ergonomic rosewood grips, while boasting a set of low-profile tritium 3-dot night sights. 22 svt accuracy problem If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I have shot all my life and I have never had a 1911 do this before. CIA Director Gina Haspel has named Beth Kimber to head the agency's Directorate of Operations, meaning Kimber will become the first woman to run the agency's large network of spies around the The Kimber Model 84M rifles are accurate, durable, and reliable with many desirable features. Of course, the Kimber functions perfectly well with commercial rounds as you would expect, 50 of which I ran through it to see how it would perform. Kimber was founded in 1979, and its rifles have been favored by discriminating hunters and shooters ever since. Adding these features while the pistols are being built in the Custom Shop reduces their price by over $500 and gives them their incredible value. Ive been starting to get this problem happen frequently and by frequently I mean like once a mag frequently. I have disassembled and cleaned the rifle, checked everything for tightness, and tried ten types of match ammo,as well as every kind of sporting ammo I have. I have a Kimber Super Carry Pro and have not experienced any of the above problems. Von Anbeginn an waren eng aufeinander abgestimmte Systemtechnologien die Leitideologie von KIMBER KABLE, die letztendlich half, zahlreiche Störfaktoren in der originalgetreuen Muiskreproduktion zu eliminieren oder erheblich zu reduzieren wie DC-Offset, Reflexionen stehender Wellen, Energieverlust, Gruppenverzögerungszeiten,, Hochfrequenzverluste etc. The 10mm makes no apologies for being stout, and Kimber I had similar experience with Kimber 7 years ago. They replaced the barrel and returned with with a nice group on a target. The Solo is an attractive 1911ish styling in double action only. The accuracy is better than expected but the reliability factor is a deal breaker. The only Kimber I owned, and the only one I will ever own, was a pretty little thing out of the box with lots of traditional features and a nice stock. Over and over it had FTF's no matter what I tried. Kimber recommends a break in period of 400-500 rounds using standard ball ammo, with cleaning and lubrication after every hundred rounds. Hyatt Guns proudly sells Kimber accesories, Kimber Pistols, and Kimber Rifles. Kimber introduced the new K6s Revolver at SHOT Show 2016 and Tactical Gun Review was there to try it out first-hand. No problems with any of them including a 22lr conversion slide that is fun to shoot. One of the finest all-around pistols available from Kimber®, the Custom II Semi-Auto Pistol sets the performance standard for production 1911 handguns. I don't have any Kimber rifles but I heard from folks that they got much better recently. 1 supplier of 1911 pistols. Not all their guns are bad but be honest, just cause some group choose that manufacturer does not mean you get the same quality and specs in an off the shelf model. 380 that shares a lot of DNA with the Colt Mustang and SIG Sauer P238. Wolff improved design recoil spring offers higher battery pressure along with a higher recoil rating, providing optimal functioning. 380 and is expected to start shipping in March of 2016. One of my students purchased a Warrior after I got mine and has had problems from the get-go. The original short-action Kimber Model 8400 was designed to minimize weight by keeping the proportions as tight as possible. Beautiful rifle but first trip to the range the rifle was basically shooting everywhere. They reworked a number of areas and after getting it back I have put several hundred rounds through it without any issues whatsoever. But the quality speaks for itself. There are those who have problems with their Kimber's, I have had mine from the first year they came out, never a hiccup nor a stutter. 00 : Kimber K6S DCR 357 Mag 3400009 $1,049. Released at the 2016 SHOT Show, the K6 was Kimber's surprising entry into the revolver market. So last year I bought a 8400 classic in 30-06 and sold it recently as was one of the least accurate rifles I have ever owned. Check your manual for your firearm incase Kimbers recommendation varies from model (barrel length) to model. The result was the Kimber Solo Carry. 00 : Kimber Micro CDP . The Kimber K6s revolver is available in eight different models, all in . Rifle barrels, chambers, and triggers have match grade dimensions for superior accuracy and pillar and glass bedding for strength. Kimber seems to be good in their CS, the one time I called I had the part (screw for a mag-well that was missing) in 5 days. Kimber's new Micro is an honest pocket pistol, a . Does anyone have any specific experience with this model in correcting inaccuracy problems? Thanks. 2007 · I just purchased a Kimber Pro CDP II (1911). The gun didn't have many rounds and the fucking hammer broke OFF. , but not their price tag either. This is true to an extent. kimberamerica. Too many shooters have posted the same problems on various internet forums that myself and the range officers experienced. He made a deal with a local firearms dealer to swap the pricey pistols for less expensive handguns without spending any additional money. The model shown above is the company's K6s Stainless variant. At first I had an ejection problem and rifle was returned to factory and corrected. I do a lot of standing up for Kimber in here, but everyone will make mistakes. He also had Kimber to install night sights. I also own 2 Colt's. Click on a term to search for related topics. 2011 · Not trying to bash Kimber as they build some great guns but I had one of the Ultra Carrys and eventually just had to get rid of it. Kimber is a company primarily known for their line of nice 1911 pistols; in fact they state that they are the largest manufacturer of 1911s. The Kimber didn't seem to like them quite as well. A search would tell you that. No problems. Employment Opportunities. Forums > Other Handgun Talk > M1911 This is my 1st post so hopefully someone can tell me what might be going on with my Kimber Eclipse Custom II. kimber problems do a quick Google search and carefully reassemble the gun. 308 Kimber Hunter at Euro-Optic earlier this year. To alleviate these issues, Kimber polished the breech face for flawless feeding and extraction. Kimber fixed the problem and had my friend's pistol back to him in 5 days. I ordered a 7mm-08 from Korth Group (Canadian distributor for Kimber) and had one of the first to land in Canada. After 250 rounds I fired a number of magazines of self defensive rounds. I see more problems in my classes with Kimber guns than I do from any other manufacturer. I am shooting fine. I had a chance to put 100 rounds through a Kimber 1911 Compact Stainless II . Tried the 4TC's when I bought the 8's and I felt the extra cost was worth it in terms of smooth tonal presentation, pacing, and soundstage. Kimber is well known for its high-end 1911 pistol and rifle lineups. 45 Kimber Ultra Carry II subcompact. A lot don’t. The Kimber Subalpine is available in . The Kimber, was so slender in the stock that I would have said it was a little fragile if it wasn't a Kimber. Kimber currently is the No. Nater October 21, 2011 at 11:57 am In this case, probably, but there is a lot more to it than that. My only “agenda” is to educate professional end users so they can make informed choices regarding selecting service pistol that meets their needs. com/watch?v I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. Glad to hear Kimber is getting their QC problems sorted out. 380 ACP pistols the first impression is of a downsized 1911-type handgun. 1791 GUNLEATHER 4-Way 1911 Holster - OWB and IWB CCW Holster - Right Handed Leather Gun Holster - Fits All 3 to 5 inch 1911 Models SIG, COLT, Kimber, Ruger, Browning, Taurus and Remmington (Size 1) 9 reviews of Kimber Manufacturing "They replaced a 1911 slide for me for free because the external extractor had problems and I recently needed some parts to convert a blind magazine to a magazine with a hinged floorplate. The Kimber Ultra Carry II (Two-Tone) is a light-weight, compact 1911 with a three-inch barrel and unbelievable accuracy. The new Model 8400 Standard carries on in that tradition. Now for the good parts. Their guns tend to run pretty darn well for a long time with the MIM components. As a gunwriter, a curious person and a fan of Kimber, I decided to find out if the fussing was accurate. Everybody beats up on Kimber but it fits my hand wonderfully, jumps to my eye, is light as can be for a 1911 with 9 rounds, shoots very accurately and runs all the time. :flag: A week ago, I bought a new Kimber Target II 9mm. Long story short there are a couple of well known issues with the rifle and the customer service. Kimber can be hit or miss for reliability and is always overpriced. 10. The author says “A Kimber costs as much as a Colt or a Springfield, and for that you get all the quality control of a Kel-Tec. Also, you will want to pick up some extra mags since this only comes with one. This highly refined 1911 is ideally suited for self-defense and incorporates features that would cost a pretty penny from a custom pistolsmith. Dump the Kimber and don't buy another and never look back. Kimber. 30-06 Springfield, . What comes to mind is, the more you mess with the original design, the more likely it is to have problems. 2008 · When I load practically any cheaper "target practice" bullets (solid nose) in either my Eclipse Target or the TLE/RL it jams. No problems at all. Thanks for all your inputThe Kimber Forum is dedicated to the discussion of Kimber firearms and other gun related topics. Also check out the ammo. Kimber Pro slide release. As the younger of the two psychic sisters, Fubuki, just like Tatsumaki, possesses psychic powers, therefore making her one of the few heroes within the Hero Association that has supernatural abilities

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